TEAM Foundation believes in investing in our future. That is why we support and promote quality education starting at the pre-K level. Due to continued state and local budget constraints, schools have been forced to reduce or cut programs and activities and are left with limited budgets to invest in improvements and technology. TEAM Foundation strives to fill the gap.

Grants awarded in this area include:

  • Early Childhood Learning Program
  • Accelerated Reading and Math Programs
  • Elementary, Middle and High School Technology

"The donation from TEAM Foundation has provided the district with the opportunity to complete a portable lab and purchase program servers in our district. The portable lab allows integration of technology into instruction. It’s used for: STAR Reading Assessment, NWEA Math/Reading, Assessment, Accelerated Reader, Web quests for various content areas, IMovie projects, AppleWorks Slide Shows, Online registration for high school classes, and Future plans Online."

  • DeeDee Kahring
  • Cambridge-Isanti Schools